/// So you've chosen 1964 Ears / 64 Audio, but which model is for you?
64 Audio is the new name for 1964 Ears who now bring you their A-Series Custom IEMs.

1964 Ears are an independent custom in ear lab that is committed to making the finest, yet most affordable custom products for the working musician (and audiophiles of course). In a world of expensive custom in ear monitors, 1964 Ears set upon a mission to bridge the gap between price and quality. What sets them apart from the rest, is the ability to provide exceptional service, high quality products, knowledgeable advice and ALL at an affordable price.

1964 Ears was started by a sound engineer who has been working with musicians in Northwest USA for many years. After trying out a few different manufacturers and using their products for quite some time, it was apparent that a more affordable solution to in ear monitoring was needed. Many months went into R&D, sourcing, testing and developing the products that are available today - Their products are especially designed for touring bands, houses of worship and audiophiles.

Current models in the range are: A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A8, A10 and A12 - If you would like to demo any of the 64 Audio custom in ear monitors please jump over to our demo sessions page...