/// Ultimate Ears Pro Offer
You love custom in ear monitors, you love offers, you love freebies, something for nothing! So for this current offer we have 40 off UE Pro Custom IEMs when ordering 3 or more sets (discount will be applied to every set ordered). Only UE 5 Pro or above qualify as we have discounted UE 4 Pro band packs which can be found here!

Note that the prices shown online are the full prices, we will apply any discount / offer to your order via our emailed invoices, payments can only be accepted by card, bank transfer or PayPal Credit to qualify. Also note that to qualify your order must be placed with us and paid before the ticker below runs out (impressions can follow on, grouped orders must be processed and shipped together to the same address to qualify for the discount, an additinal 8 per set will be charged for shipping to separate addresses).

Interested? Drop us an email or give us a call if you prefer, you won't regret it. This offer not for you? We'd suggest you join our mailing list as new offers are sent out as and when they become available, you can do that here.

Be quick though as this offer ends in:

/// Ex-Demo Universal IEMs: For Sale
JH Audio: JH5 Pro (200), JH7 Pro (300) and JH10 Pro (350)
Unique Melody: Marvel (150)
All of above IEMs can be reshelled if required, standard price from 199, save 50 when buying an ex-demo!
Aurisonics: AS-2 (200)