/// It's not just about what we do but how we do it...
So, we sell Custom In Ear Monitors aka Custom IEMs for both the audiophile and of course the musician. Our "About Us" page will tell you everything you need to know in terms of what we do but is that the most important aspect of your purchase? We don't think so, it's not just about what we do but how we do it, it's about how you the client is looked after and what we do to make your purchase, your Custom IEMs, reach your ears, as smoothly and as hassle-free as possible...the artwork above explains all, if you think we've missed anything off just let us know...

/// Our Prices
Our prices are fully inclusive, once you have paid us for your Custom IEMs, you'll pay nothing more! So what does our price include exactly, a popular question - Of course it includes the actual Custom IEMs you choose but also it includes a number of other important processes that you shoud leave to us rather than taking on yourself, also consider that we offer a service not just the product and that we manage your order end-to-end saving you the hassle, time and the worry.

/// Ear Impression Checking Service:
If we make them they'll be perfect and you can leave your appointment with us knowing and trusting this. If you send them into us from your chosen local audiologist we'll check them to make sure they're perfect, something that you are unable to do yourself. The point here is this, if you buy your Custom IEMs directly from a manufacturer you won't know how good or bad your impressions are until they receive them which is likely to be about 2 weeks after you send them, you are then back to starting over, not good! Just as importantly the intended use of your Custom IEMs will affect what type of ear impressions you need.

Buying through us differs of course, we will ensure that you have the right type of ear impressions made but if we aren't happy with them, we'll not only tell you immediately but we'll also take pictures of the issues, highlight them and make notes using photoshop before emailing back to you, you can then take them with you when you re-visit your audiologist - We are also more than happy for the audiologist to call us at the time of your appointment to ensure there are no further issues, this is all FREE.

We strongly advise against having ear impressions made with an audiologist ahead of placing an order with us, generally when this happens we have to reject them (once received) due to quality issues.

We also make 3D digital scans of your ear impressions and keep them on file for up to 5 years.

/// Postage Charges:
Once we have your ear impressions here, we cover these, we pay to get your impressions to the manufacturer and of course ensure that they arrive safely, also if you are choosing a US brand we'll get your impressions to them the very next working day on within minutes if we can use your 3D digital scans (if you used Royal Mail they would take at least a week). We also pay for any shipping fees that the manufacturer charges to get your completed order back to us and if you spend more than 250 on your Custom IEMs we'll also send them from here to you using a Royal Mail Special Delivery service, so delivered Next Working Day before 1pm for FREE.

/// UK Customs Handling and Charges:
We take care of the whole process, saving you the hassle including paying the import duty (20% of total landed value in GBP) and more importantly the shipping companies handling fees, which is typically a minimum of 15.

/// Payments and Payment Charges:
Paying a manufacturer direct by paypal means you'll be getting a low exchange rate, paying by card will attract a slighter better exchange rate but you'll be hit with in general a 2% fee, this fee value is then charged to you in s at a ratio of 1:1 - Don't forget that your bank will also add a surchage but through us we take care of all of this.

/// The Manufacturers Price:
With manufacturers outside of the UK of course it looks cheaper, this is basically because they are showing a price just for the Custom IEMs in their currency and without any sales tax (like our VAT), once you factor in all the extra costs that you will incur along the way and the issues mentioned above then you'll find that our prices are like-for-like but also the whole process will be so much easier buying through us as an approved UK Dealer.

/// Re-Fits:
Firstly, by buying through us there is very little chance of a re-fit being required, why? Basically we only send to the manufacturer perfect ear impressions, either because we've made them for you or because we've checked and approved what you have posted into us. However if you do require a re-fit for any reason we take care of the whole process for you!

If you've purchased direct with a manufacturer you're on your own in terms of costs, postage, time, hassle and also explanations of the fit issue that they can translate into an adjustment.