/// So you've chosen M-Fidelity, but which model is for you?
M-Fidelity are unique custom in ear monitors developed and produced in Norway for the professional. Used by performing artists, sound engineers, monitoring engineers and critical studio workers to produce high-end sound quality whilst offering maximum hearing protection. Equally some models can be used to give amazing personal high fidelity music for the audiophile whilst blocking out the outside world, no more do you need to hear the other 50 passengers on the train.

With a selection of models containing 2, 3 or 4 drivers there'll be an M-Fidelity for you. Also in the range for musicians they have the SA-12 Akustik which has Elacin Clearsound RC17 filters embedded, these act as protected ambient vents offering truly unique custom IEMs. Talking of unique, take a look at the awesome SA-43 which has 2 external switches on the faceplates, the 1st switch controls the 2nd bass driver and the other switch controls the soundstage.

Current models in the range are: SA-12, SA-12 Akustik, SA-22, SA-32, SA-32 Live, SA-33 and SA-43 - If you would like to demo any of the M-Fidelity custom in ear monitors please jump over to our demo sessions page...